So what is GDPR anyway?

by Anne Taylor on 1st Feb 2018

How will the new data protection laws affect you?

If you're not one of those who has already been inundated with emails, calls and workshops about GDPR, then you're soon to become more familiar with the term over the coming months - you lucky thing, you.

General Data Protection Regulation has been on the horizon for some time, but now the countdown is on for the May 25th inception of these beefed up regulations.

The new EU wide regulations are more geared towards the digital age - which makes sense, given that the Data Protection Act 1998 came before mainstream internet, social media and smart phones.

We often hear people say "We don't hold any personal information" - but they're almost always wrong. Just about every business will process lots of personal data each and every day - including email addresses, photos and contact details. You or your business might be processing employee data or you could be a data processor on behalf of your clients - you work with the data, but you're not the owner. 

How this mass of information is handled, retained and secured will be up for much more scrutiny, with penalties possible where data is found to have been gathered, used or stored inappropriately.

And importantly, you need to have legal basis to have this data, and be incredibly clear about the reason you have it. And if there is no reason, or that reason isn't valid anymore, you need to securely remove the data.

With this new regulation there's a lot to think about (and some things you'll probably need to do), so over the next few weeks we'll be posting a series of blogs about some of the key topics that you'll need to think about - but if you can't wait you could have a look at the guidance from UK Information Commissioners Office.

If you're a See Green customer with an ongoing support agreement, we'll be getting in touch with you directly with some advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

And if you're bamboozled by GDPR, get in touch through our website to see how we can help.