Would you be ready for a cyber attack?

by Anne Taylor on 19th May 2017

What can we learn from the NHS cyber attack?

In May the NHS fell victim to a huge-scale ransomware attack that saw over 200,000 systems affected in over 150 countries around the world.

Much blame has been put on out of date systems leaving the NHS vulnerable, and it's clear those outdated systems did in some way play a part in the problem.  However,there are other issues here. As always, attacks like this raise the issue of general cyber security and cyber hygiene and give an opportunity to self assess.

In order to protect your business from cyber attacks:

  • Use back ups. Plural. Back up your computer, your website, your emails, in different places if needs be. If your information lives somewhere else, and the worst does happen - you can restore data quickly.
  • Be vigilant. Don't download software unless you're absolutely sure it is legitimate. If you're unsure of the source of an email, hover over the from address or URL to show the actual source.
  • You're only as strong as your weakest link. Ensure that all staff know the key dos and don'ts when it comes to cyber security
  • Be prepared. If things do go wrong, make sure to have a disaster recovery plan at the ready so that you and all staff are best place to continue services.

It's so important to be ahead of the game rather than shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. As a business, you need to be asking what you would do if an attack happens and how do you stop and mitigate these types of threat?

Cyber attack support

Our NHS clients were caught up in the cyber attacks and we worked closely with them to ensure messages were getting out to patients, visitors and staff so that services could continue as smoothly as possible. We are super proud to work with the NHS and the way they were able to carry on, with many staff working extra hours for free, in such a widespread situation, is testament to the wonderful healthcare we have.

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