See Green goes carbon neutral

We recently had solar panels installed at See Green - April marked the first month that we generated more electircity than we used!


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We're excited to announce that in April our newly installed solar panels (expertly installed by our lovely clients Next Gen Energy) produced more electricity than we used.

There were a few cold mornings during the month, so we had to buy some electric from the grid to make sure our offices were nice and toasty for the team and clients.

However as soon as the sun came up we were able to offset this and return that energy back to the grid, and we’ve even made sure that our energy contract stipulates all the energy we do have to buy is from renewable sources.

This further strengthens our efforts to be as environmentally friendly as possible - for some years, all the servers and systems we use to host your websites, email services and phone systems have been running in carbon neutral data centres, and as a business we've been fully paperless for as long as we can remember. 

We've also upgraded the entire building's electrical systems (after all, they were getting on for 40 years old!) and we took the opportunity to expand on our existing building automation systems.

We like to think our building is now as smart as possible, lights and heating only come on if the system sees meetings booked in our calendars, even our desktop computers are only energised if it detects people are in the building.

All this adds up to keeping our energy footprint as small as it possibly can be, giving our new panels as much headstart as possible, even on colder days.

We love being green and doing our bit for the environment, after all, green is in our name 😊

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See Green supports York Business Festival 2022

Once again See Green is supporting this important event for York businesses!

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