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Take a look at our process below to see how we tackle our web development projects. From discovery through design and development, we work closely with our customers to create a beautiful and functional website.

We'll test, optimise and launch - and then, of course, we'll maintain, keeping your website in tip-top condition.

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We kick off your website project with our discovery session - really getting into what you, and your audiences, need from your new website. We'll ask lots of questions, and pull together a product catalogue of everything we've agreed.

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You might have a full set of brand guidelines, or just be setting out as a business or organisation - we'll help with the look and feel of the website, of course considering accessibility and responsiveness for all different screen sizes.



When it comes to functionality, we'll have a good idea from our discovery phase what it is that you need when it comes to how the website works, from being a simple brochure website to a full ecommerce site, a site with news, events, member areas and so much more.


Testing isn't just checking that everything works, it's about the process; the journey through the website. We ensure that everything is simple and intuitive and make any tweaks as needed.



We've all heard of Search Engine Optimisation and it doesn't need to be scary - common sense goes a long way! We can advise you around how to do some simple things to make sure your website appears well across the web.



We've a robust process ahead of go live to be sure that everything is ship shape and ready to go when it's time to press the 'big red button*' We'll work through any little tweaks before you launch your new website to the world. (*we don't actually have a big red button!)


We don't just make your website live and move on - at See Green we're all about relationships. We'll keep checking in to see if there's anything we can do to help. We offer monthly support and maintenance, where we can look after your content management system, and keep the site at its best.

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