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Freedom Festival

Counting down to Hull's award-winning arts festival

Bringing Hull's award-winning Freedom Festival to life on the web

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Freedom Festival 

Freedom Festival Arts Trust is an international arts festival with the city of Hull as its stage, a festival of humanity and creativity, powered by local people. It's a free family festival with some ticketed events - something for everyone! 

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Something for Everyone 

This website needed to cater to a number of different functions. Firstly it had to be sleek and attractive to entice people into learning more about the great festival, and ultimately lead them to book tickets and attend the event. We accomplished this through show casing the fantastic photography of the events, shows and acts in a functional way. We also helped to create a hype for the event through the live count down on the homepage. The site also had to cater to people interested in participating in the event and donating to their charity. 



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A huge number of vistors to the website will be accessing it through smaller devices - from planning before the festival to being in Hull when Freedom Festival is taking place. It's vital that the website works seamlessly on these smaller devices, makeing for a great user experience!

Visit the new website here: