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Freedom Festival aims to harness Hull’s independent spirit and international outlook to become the UK’s leading cultural producing house for nurturing and presenting thought-provoking, playful, and powerful cultural experiences in public spaces.

The website allows the Freedom Festival team to add extra ad hoc events, such as The Awakening, a collection of events over two nights in March 2022 which saw thousands of people taking to the streets of Hull for an amazing programme of shows. When it comes to the main festival, website visitors are able to filter events and build an itinerary to make the absolute most of what is an amazing cultural event.

A huge number of vistors to the website will be accessing it through smaller devices - from planning before the festival to being in Hull when Freedom Festival is taking place. It's vital that the website works seamlessly on these smaller devices, making for a great user experience!

We love working with Freedom Festival - there are so many projects, festivals and events, so it's great to keep an eye on the website and see what's coming next to Hull!

Team See Green

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