Our years of experience developing bespoke online systems puts us ahead of the game, allowing us to integrate telephony, websites, CRMs, email, business management systems into one unified system, giving you insight into every aspect of your business like never before.

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Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) / Ethernet
FTTP is a connectivity technology that is based on fibre optic cable being in place all the way from the local telephone exchange to the business location. It's up to 40 times faster than copper based broadband. 

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)
FTTC is a connectivity technology that is based on a combination of fibre optic cable and copper cable. The fibre optic cable is in place from the local telephone exchange to a distribution point, or a 'roadside cabinet'. From this distribution point, a standard telephone line based on copper is then used to deliver the broadband connectivity. 


VoIP and IP Telephony

VoIP and IP technology is highly efficient and cost effective.                 
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In other words, it allows us to make calls and other forms of communication over the internet, using a wide range of different devices. VoIP is popular among many companies and corporate sectors because it reduces production cost and helps to increase profit and productivity. IP telephony is the equivalent of saying Mobile VoIP. This facilitates the great VoIP technology on-the-go, allowing you to answer of your desk phone, when you're not at your desk!  

3CX is a flexible communications solution.                                                     
Here at See Green, our VoIP and IP telephony of choice is the brilliant 3CX. 

3CX comes with a complete suite of communication features, including productivity-boosting features such as webRTC-based video conferencing, status, corporate chat, whiteboard, screen sharing and much more. 

With 3CX, you only need one extension for endless possibilities. It is available on-premise with Windows or Linux, or in the cloud with Google, Amazon Lightsail, Microsoft Azure, AWS, OVH or Openstack. All you need is: softphones for Windows and Mac, apps for iOS and Android, and a web-based client network - it will work together seamlessly, for unbeatable connectivity and mobility. On top of this, you can integrate 3CX with other applications easily, such as connecting with popular CRMs like Salesforce, Office 365 and more. 

Unified communications

Integrated solutions
Our decade of experience developing bespoke online systems puts us ahead of the game allowing us to integrate telephony, websites, CRMs, email, business management systems into one unified system, giving you insight into every aspect of your business like never before.

Managed services
As a Google Partner we have extensive knowledge of the Google Workspace and Google Cloud platforms, providing services to you from the world's biggest and fastest network infrastructure - that delivers Gmail to over 1.5 billion active users, and deals with over 5 billion searches every day. This platform is used by some of the biggest and most important organisations around, like HSBC, BMW and the UK Cabinet Office, so you can be rest assured this is managed to the highest possible level of security.


Google Workspace

Using Google's world leading email platform shows that you're in business and look professional with custom email addresses at your company domain. Also, create personalised email addresses for your team, such as joe@yourcompany. All of your emails and data will be protected by industry-leading security, spam protection and automatic backups. 

Thanks to easy IT administration, access to popular file types (Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint) and the ability to store and share files, you can work from anywhere across a range of different devices. Additionally, you will enjoy business-grade security for your data.

Connect - Bring the whole team into the room from wherever they are with hassle-free, one-click HD videoing. This includes organisational tools such as a shared calendar, Gmail, and Hangout chat, are all great for communication. 

Create - With Google Drive you can work together from anywhere across devices. Changes are automatically saved in real time, streamlining collaborative documents. This includes working across Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides and more. This is all accessible through Drive, a secure cloud storage and sharing file. 

Storage - Google Team Drive allows a centrally managed and shared file system, giving users access to everything from anywhere so long as they have an internet connection.  

Security - Google Workspace and Google Cloud provide one of the most secure and robust tools for managing access policies, loss prevention and security protection. Lost or stolen laptop? You can remotely lock your account and stop access to files stored in Google Drive. Staff accessing their email on their mobile phone? You can set a security policy to force them to set a pincode. 



Online Systems

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