Your website is an important part of your business, so it’s important to take good care of it. Our ISO 27001 compliant London-based data centre is about as secure as it gets - Government, Ministry of Defence, schools, universities, health trusts - there are some pretty important systems all being looked after there. We're really proud of our hosting - your website is precious, so look after it. You wouldn't buy a new car and not bother insuring it, would you?


Insuring your website

Time and again we hear about websites that have been hosted goodness knows where, with no access to support, and when things have gone wrong, they've gone really wrong. We've heard stories of websites being totally deleted, important information lost, and web pages unavailable for days at a time. Technology isn't infallible, but we do our utmost to keep websites online every minute of every hour of every day, and if you need help we're here - no call centres and no 'email only' support.


Taking security seriously

The super secure building has temperature control, fire suppression and a whole host of nifty security features. We go above and beyond what you'd normally expect from a hosting provider, our hosting platform is designed around our customers' needs with security at the forefront, so your site is well protected, with great uptime and is monitored every minute of every day.

Let us do the checking

Your website will run on multiple servers, we’ll backup your data as often as needed to multiple physical locations and make sure that all data is protected by high grade encryption at rest. Coupled with the support that we offer in the (very) unlikely case that something goes awry, your site is in the best hands.


Online Systems

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