Working with Hull Vigil

by Anne Taylor on 3rd Mar 2021

365 days, 730 people and one city

We've been busy working with our lovely pals over at Home PR to develop a website for Hull Vigil, an exciting performance telling the story of a city coming back to life.

On May 3, a year long vigil will begin in Hull. Every day for a year, at sunrise and sunset, a vigil will keep watch over Hull from a bespoke structure located on top of the Hull College building.

Over the course of one year, 730 people will contribute to the collective vigil - a 365 day silent and peaceful performance - to watch over the city.

This week, bookings went live, and all of the slots were taken in an amazing seven hours and seven minutes - with a further 200 added to the waitlist overnight. 

While each vigil stands alone, together they form a human chain and a manifestation of community, humanity and resilience. 

Standing alone but together, each vigil will step inside the bespoke wood and glass structure, without their phone or other distraction, to watch over the city for an hour at sunrise and sunset - looking out across the Humber to the east, the urban spread to the north and out across the suburbs and countryside to the west.

Each day, the vigils will express their thoughts and experiences about their vigil and watching over the city of Hull. These words, along with photos of the performance will be posted on this website, telling the story of the performance in Hull.

We can't wait to read the stories and the experiences!

Image credit - Tom Arran