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What does Adobe's development from Typekit to Adobe Fonts mean for your website?

by Pippa Williams on 5th Jul 2019

The move could mean you need to make some changes. But don’t worry we’ve got all FONTiers covered.

What Typekit used to offer...

Typekit is an ever-expanding library of typefaces. It is a great place to find and host fonts to help create beautiful websites for client work. It also offers the ability to switch clients to their own paid Typekit so they can be as independent as possible. 

Recent developments to Adobe Fonts...

Adobe have made some significant changes to the programme and given it a new name - Adobe Fonts. The new programme means you can only use Adobe web fonts on your own personal or company website and not for client websites. The terms of service will be changing from December 2019 to prevent reselling.


What this means for client’s websites... 

This will mean that clients with a Typekit font on their website will have to pay a subscription fee to Adobe Fonts to keep the exact font they want. Or, we can help to find an alternative font for a client’s website. 

There could be a loophole… 

Although this solution seems quite unclear, it could be possible. Adobe Fonts are included in all the subscriptions plans of all the products of all the Adobe products. So, in theory, a client could purchase the cheapest product (InCopy at £60 a year), and have full access to Adobe Fonts, for web hosting and even desktop syncing. Alternatively, there is a smaller, basic library that comes with the free Creative Cloud account.

Where to find alternative Fonts...

Those not wanting to spend money on a dubious loophole can find a new font for their website. There are a number of other CDN (Content Delivery Network) services that you can use, such as  Google fonts, Fontstand or TypeNetwork.

Check out these sites to browse some funky fonts for your website: